Bloom Well-being

Specialists in trauma therapy for all ages and stages of life.​

We provide trauma-informed therapy to individuals, couples and families of all ages and stages of life. We also offer supervision, consultation and in-house training packages, and specialise in providing a nurturing and supportive space to explore life's challenges and achieve personal growth.

About Bloom

Nurturing Therapy for Healing and Growth

Bloom Well-being was created with the intention to provide meaningful therapy, that values you as the expert of your life, and lets you set the pace. Bloom operates from two side-side buildings, with reception located in the left-hand side brick building. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, with spaciousness for rest and grounding, we can’t wait to welcome you. Bloom’s approach to therapy is flexible and client-led, meaning that no two sessions between clients are the same.   Offering a range of evidence-based trauma-informed therapies, including but not limited to Attachment-Informed EMDR therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, and Havening.

Our Services

Comfortable Therapy Sessions at Your Convenience

Flexible Therapy Sessions: Phone, Video, or In-Person. Support for You and Your Loved Ones.

Face to Face

Experience the benefits of in-person therapy with our compassionate therapists in a safe and welcoming environment.


Connect with our therapists from the comfort of your own home with a video call appointment.

Phone Call

Book a phone call appointment with our therapists from the comfort and convenience of your own space.