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Room 3

Located at 40 Albert Street, this bright, modern room has a ceiling skylight, allowing the space to feel warm and light. This space is full of hidden excitements, it is an Art/Play Therapist’s dream! With lino coverings on the floor making cleaning up after messy play a breeze, the only way to make this space better is… you guessed it, a hidden sink! Complete with a floor-to-ceiling wall of drawers and some false drawers that fold open to reveal the hidden sink, making water play and again cleaning a dream. It is equipped with a two-seater couch that is water-proof and a small coffee table. A practitioner's chair canalso be added on request.

Room Rates

Weekdays (Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm)
$95 +GST
Weekday Evenings (Monday to Saturday, 5pm-9pm)
$60 +GST
Weekly Rate (Monday to Saturday, 5pm-9pm)
$410 +GST
Sundays (9am-5pm)
$60 +GST

Included Benefits

At Bloom Wellbeing, we understand the importance of providing you with a supportive and well-equipped workspace. Your rent at Bloom includes a range of amenities and benefits to suppoort your professional experience.

Those marked by * are included only for those who rent the room weekly.

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